Nakayamafuku is a specialist trader of home-use products, such as kitchen and dining products

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Pursuing the happiness of all of our stakeholders

Our management philosophy is to "coexist with society, and use our business activities as a means of contributing to society by helping our shareholders, suppliers, customers, employees, and other parties with whom we have dealings to achieve happiness."

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cercle 2017year 2018year 2019year 2020year 2021year
  • 500
  • 400
  • 300
  • 200
  • 100
  • 0
47,983billion yen 47,393billion yen 48,494billion yen 46,657billion yen 47,865billion yen47.8billion

Performance Highlights

We have achieved consistent performance by handling a broad range of homeware, focusing on kitchen and dining products.

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Net Sales per Category

Kitchen products such as frying pans and pots, and other dining products comprise approximately 60% of our sales. In recent years, we have worked towards expanding our scope of products to include categories such as sanitary products and storage products.

  • Kitchen Products
  • Dining Products
  • Sanitary Products
  • Storage Products
  • Others
  • Home Centers54%
  • Supermarkets26.8%
  • Mail-order Sales5.8%
  • SpecialtyRetailers4.8%
  • Others8.6%
  • Total47.8
    billion yen

Major Sales Channels

Home centers and supermarkets account for 80% of our total sales. In recent years, we have also been increasing Internet sales and sales in overseas markets.

Logistics Network

We have achieved efficient, low-cost operations through our logistics network, which covers the whole of Japan.

  • Sapporo BranchSapporo Branch
  • Sendai BranchSendai Branch
  • Joso BranchJoso Branch
  • Tokyo Head OfficeTokyo Head Office
  • Kanto BranchKanto Branch
  • Tokyo BranchTokyo Branch
  • Nagoya BranchNagoya Branch
  • Osaka Head OfficeOsaka Head Office
  • Osaka BranchOsaka Branch
  • Hiroshima BranchHiroshima Branch
  • Fukuoka BranchFukuoka Branch
  • Okinawa Branch OfficeOkinawa Branch Office

Nakayamafuku Trade Fair

Held 3 times each year in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Osaka

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