Product Safety Voluntary Action Guidelines

Cognizant that prioritizing customers and ensuring product safety are crucial management issues, Nakayamafuku Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) has established, as set forth below, voluntary action guidelines relating to product safety, and will strive to ensure customer product safety by reliably carrying out these guidelines while complying with related laws and regulations so we can provide products that customers can use safely and with confidence.

1. Leadership by Management

The Company president shall exercise leadership as the chief operational officer responsible for the promotion of product safety structures, establish a product safety division under the direct authority of the president, and proactively establish, develop, and improve the necessary structures to enhance product safety structures, as well as make timely and appropriate decisions to ensure product safety.

2. Measures to Ensure Product Safety

The Company shall implement appropriate quality control at all times, and strive to improve quality while reducing risks throughout all stages of product lifecycles, resulting in a supply of products that are safe, reliable, and satisfactory for customers.
In addition, the Company shall endeavor to prevent product accidents, so that customers can use products safely, by providing useful warnings and indications in user manuals and on products to prevent accidents resulting from improper use and/or a lack of care.

3. Collection and Progression of Product Accident Information

The Company shall actively collect information relating to product accidents and the like from customers, then cooperate and share the information with relevant outside persons, including distributors, and endeavor to provide accurate and timely information to customers.

4. Responses to Product Accidents

If a major product accident occurs regarding a Company product, the Company shall immediately report to the president and the competent authorities in a timely manner in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
The Company shall also carry out product recalls and take any other measures necessary to prevent an expansion of harm, promptly reporting to customers and other relevant persons using appropriate information provision methods.

5. Creation of a Product Safety Culture

In order to comply with applicable laws and regulations relating to product safety, as well as reliably implement the voluntary action guidelines written here, the Company shall establish and strive to maintain a corporate culture of prioritizing customers and ensuring product safety.