Company Outline

Company Outline

Company Outline


1925-1970Establishment and Incorporation of Nakayamafuku Co., Ltd.

Nakayamafuku Co., Ltd. was established by Fukumatsu Nakayama in March 1925, as Nakayama Fukumatsu Shoten. In 1947, Nakayama Fukumatsu Shoten Co., Ltd was incorporated for the wholesale of household metalware, changing its trading name to Nakayamafuku Co., Ltd. in 1963.
The "Fuku" symbol has been used on our signs from our establishment to the present day.

1925 Establishment as Nakayama Fukumatsu Shoten
1947 Establishment of Nakayama Fukumatsu Shoten Co., Ltd. in Minami-ku, Osaka for household metalware wholesale (capital of 190 thousand yen)
1957 First trade fair
1962 Opening of Tokyo office in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
1963 Change of trading name to Nakayamafuku Co., Ltd.
1966 Relocation of the Tokyo office to Koto-ku, Tokyo, and opening of Tokyo branch office
1970 Opening of Fukuoka branch in Nogata, Fukuoka
  • First trade fair
  • Nakayama Fukumatsu Shoten
  • Opening of Tokyo branch office
  • Founder - Fukumatsu Nakayama

1971-1985Increase of business between mass retailers and nationwide expansion

Nakayamafuku established offices all over Japan and expanded our business as supermarket sales increased, beginning around 1967. In 1977, Nakayamafuku Service KK was established, further enhancing our domestic logistics capabilities. Around that time, we began sales to home centers, which greatly supported Nakayamafuku's subsequent growth.

1971 Opening of Tokyo branch and renaming of the Tokyo branch office to the Fukagawa branch
1972 Opening of the Nagoya branch
1975 Opening of the Hiroshima, Sendai, and Sapporo branches
1977 Establishment of the affiliate, Nakayamafuku Service KK
1981 Opening of the Kita Kanto branch
1985 Opening of the Osaka branch
  • Near the head office around 1970
  • Trade fair held in the spring of 1972
  • Inside the trade fair venue
  • Employee event to mark our 60th anniversary

1986-2000Improvement of results and public listing

As the Japanese economic bubble burst, Nakayamafuku's sales grew from 28 billion yen to in excess of 40 billion yen during difficult business conditions, and in 1995, our stocks were listed on the second section of the Osaka Securities Exchange. Furthermore, in 1999, we established Bestco Co., Ltd. for development and import of original products, and brand management. This was a period in which we were working towards repaying loans, ensuring full internal reserves, and building up our resilience as a business.

1986 Opening of the Chiba branch
1991 Nakayamafuku Service KK becomes a 100% subsidiary
1995 Stock listed on the second section of the Osaka Securities Exchange
1999 Establishment of Bestco Co., Ltd. (100% subsidiary)
  • Trade fair (around 1995)
  • Trade fair (around 1990)
  • Nakayamafuku Service
  • Second section of the Osaka Securities Exchange

2001-Moving from maturity to a period of new growth

In 2004, we opened our Kanto branch by amalgamating our 3 branches in the Kanto region, thereby producing greater efficiency in our logistics infrastructure. In addition, in 2006, we listed our stocks on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and in 2008, our stock was designated as first section stock. In 2013, we acquired the subsidiaries, and in 2015, we acquired Interform Inc. and Royal Tsuhan Co., Ltd. As we celebrate our 90th anniversary and look towards our next hundred years, Nakayamafuku hopes to continue to grow as a company that consistently creates new business opportunities.

2001 Opening of the Atsugi Branch
2003 Designation as first section stock on the Osaka Stock Exchange
2004 Opening of the Kanto branch (successive amalgamation of the Chiba, Atsugi, and Kita Kanto branches)
2006 Stock listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
2008 Designation as first section stock on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
2009 Opening of the Ibaraki Branch
2013 Acquisition of 100% of Royal Tsuhan Co., Ltd. Stock
2015 Acquisition of 100% of Interform Inc. stock
2016 Opening of Tokyo office
2016 Opening of Okinawa Branch Office
2018 Acquisition of 100% of Greenpal Co., Ltd. Stock
  • 118th trade fair
  • First section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Kanto branch
  • Reception counter at the 123rd trade fair
  • 123rd trade fair