Personal Information Protection Policy

Nakayamafuku understands that personal information belongs to the individual concerned and that protection of personal information is a social responsibility. Nakayamafuku will comply with and respect the Personal Information Protection Act and related laws, ordinances, and organizational guidelines, etc. and ensure that appropriate management systems are in place when conducting operations.

1. Use and Provision of Personal Information

With regard to the use and provision of personal information that has been collected, we will comply with all laws and ordinances and conduct rigorous management to ensure that we do not disclose personal information to any third parties. Furthermore, although Nakayamafuku and its subcontractors may store personal information, such storage shall occur within the framework of a thorough management system.

2. Safety Measures

In order to ensure the accuracy and security of personal information, we have implemented security measures from both technological and organizational standpoints, and are working to prevent improper access, loss, destruction, manipulation, or leakage, etc. of personal information.

3. Management of Subcontractors

In the event that the handling of personal information is subcontracted externally, we will ensure that the subcontractor is bound by a duty to prevent leakage or passing on of personal information through a contract concluded with the subcontractor and conduct management as appropriate.

4. Confirmation and Amendment of Personal Information

If a user wishes to confirm or amend personal information held concerning them, we will respond to such a request quickly and within reason, only when we are sure of the identity of the user in question. Furthermore, requests for disclosure, amendment, or cessation of use must be made in writing.

5. Management System

In order to strengthen overall personal information protection, we have set up a leak prevention structure, and systematized it, and we have also appointed a manager in each department that handles personal information, and implemented continuous education and instruction.

6. Compliance

Nakayamafuku complies with all applicable laws and other standards concerning the handling of personal information.

7. Other

The content of this privacy policy may be amended as necessary, due to revision of laws, or social or technological trends.

Website Policy

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1. Disclaimer

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2. Copyright

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3. Use of Access Analysis Tool

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4. Revision of this Policy

Please be aware that this website policy and related regulations may be subject to change without prior notification.